Mechanical Workshops

November 9, 2017

For today’s consumers, the quality of its products and services is essential in a future back to buy them. The dissatisfaction of the consumer, regardless of the rotation of the company or product type, is the main reason for cease to consume our products and services, and seek competition. Customers are becoming more and more demanding in terms of treatment and results expected by services that is engaged, and the garages should be no exception. We should not lose any detail in the provision of services that each day we give to our customers. According to Profeco, one of every four users had problems related to poor service in mechanical workshops: delays in delivery times, missing vital parts, excessive charges for services not required, etc. These situations cause a reaction unfavourable, resulting in loss of future income, and also bad recommendations to others by those who lived through the bad experience, being on the client This is the worst publicity for our businesses. But what is that customers are waiting for? A survey carried out by Profeco revealed the most important aspects that customers consider when choosing a mechanical workshop: quality and reliability.

The quality of service afforded begins in elementary activities of operation: administration of resources. Constant neglect and insufficient planning lead to the failure of any business, since deficiencies will be reflected in the product or service granted. A good management starts with the development of a database containing all the information of each customer, to make the most personalized service and the customer receives just what you need. Carry a clear recording of services provided to each client is also very important, as well as the registration of parts of existing, missing parts and the most popular will help maintain a high level of satisfaction on the clients that they request them. Reliability is achieved by providing customer the clear information about who is going to review your car, ensure that objects that have been left in the car as well as the levels of gasoline and accessories that are inside the car will continue in the same way when it comes to which return of the vehicle. Also to charge you a fair price according to the services that you are giving it, so customers will not feel timados and increase your satisfaction. With these simple tips, and with the help of the correct software for the support of these activities, you can achieve your mechanical workshop services more efficient, and every one of your customers will be satisfied because you will receive exactly what you expected.

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