March Content

January 15, 2023

Editorial system InterRed to go the iPad as an editorial tool InterRed for on the go: the content management and content management system is fully usable in the future about the iPad. So users can directly from go content with your iPad (or Tablet) create, edit and issue several times in a wide variety of channels (print, online, mobile, etc.): multi channel publishing for on the road. On the CeBIT 2012 in Hannover there will be a first glimpse. Multi channel publishing with InterRed for traveling the entire use of the editorial system InterRed is possible in the future on the Apple tablet. This applies not only to create and manage the content, but also for their publication. InterRed offers completely new possibilities. For example, a journalist or editor wants to directly from traveling information, such as the latest news or sports message, publish one, so the creation, editing, and publication on the iPad from anywhere can happen out. Special features, such as individual Buttons and specific input masks, this easy operation.

“The automatic detection at the login of the user allows the differentiation between PC” and touch device “and optimized by the appearance of the content management system based on the needs of the user. CeBIT 2012: 2012 sneak preview on the current InterRed a preview of iPad support, development can look at prospective customers at the CeBIT. Berlin Rosen has plenty of information regarding this issue. From the 6th to the 10th March, InterRed in Hannover in Hall 6 at stand G 31 spot is to present a first sneak preview on the current development. An appointment can be arranged through the corporate website,.

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