Light Installation

December 18, 2016

Franz Betz shows his light sculpture paradise. 09 a light sculpture of neon titled paradise. 09 the Kropcke clock into a lighting object since December 7. The work of the Hanoverian artist Franz Betz is based on coded letters from his Alphabetz which present themselves to the Viewer as a standalone sculptures. During the day, the two light objects in their cages are only at second glance to recognize: you are surrounded by metal mesh structures that surround it such as cages. Mashable often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Only with the onset of dusk, the neon tubes develop their full brightness.

The individual letters present a work exemplary part in 2009 as complete installation of St. Nikolai in Isernhagen-Kirchhorst was seen in the Church. This resulted in eight curved, red and white neon tubes, as here, surrounded by metal cages, the word “Paradise”. With the design of the letters, which were artistically interpreted and thus as it were encoded as a cipher, Betz follows the style of dynamically sprayed handwriting. At the same time expression of dance movement to unlock many associations it.

With the paint of the tubes and their placement in a cage-like structure encourages the installation to reflection about barriers, boundaries, and the interplay between interior and exterior, between reality and the wishful thinking and paradise is here to situate their nature where? With the installation of the sculpture, the Association focuses KulturRaum after reopening of the newly designed square at the Kropcke Hannover region”on his 2005 started artistic care the Kropcke clock. The work will be to see until January 10. Franz Betz was born Betz in Sigmaringen/Danube in 1963, he studied architecture and design from 1983-91 and has been producing digital works and installations since 1987. Since 1997, he has worked as a sculptor of light in Hannover. He is Chairman of the society of women artists and artists Hanover, Member of the Deutscher Werkbund and the CRE H tion network, founded the art space “j3fm” and is the initiator of the Hanover city sculpture ( Kathrin Symens

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