Kathy Kolbe

November 25, 2013

Have you ever thought if you could only make a little change? Do you intended someone shaping you sometime? Have you ever felt frustrated because you don’t fit in your work? It may be that you are simply not well playing your own charts. Firstly you need to accept that you can change behaviors of people, but not their fundamental features. In a personal, professional relationship or of any other nature, do not try to change others. It is a useless and sterile purpose. You must also learn to know yourself. It is no good to try to engage you in a suit that is not in your size. For this reason one of the best tools is the index of Kolbe.

This test, developed by Kathy Kolbe in 1970, is being used by large corporations worldwide and much private individuals who seek to explain why that some tasks find it easy while others so impossible. Unlike a personality test whose objective is diagnose and an intelligence test whose function is to assess the capacity, Kolbe index describes (with a disturbing skill) your innate and instinctive features. Rather than anticipate what would like to do, or what you could do simply describes what you will do. We use this test in our recruitment processes and the results are spectacular. You stop trying to attach methods unsuitable for persons on your computer. Opposite each feels the freedom to play the game taking advantage of their strengths instead of weaknesses. For more information, I invite you to know yourself.

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