It Can And Must Not Go On

November 17, 2014

It can and must not go on – renewable cash 2011 an apocalyptic financial state and year that internationally reflects our financial system, and no good points out, makes me worry. Despite all attempts and good will, I presume even averse it – develops the General debt and operating of this to an already complex fiasco. It requires a basic diagnosis and treatment of our financial system and the overall economy. It will never succeed, maybe except, to repay these debts, the interest burden to liberate and not only the States, but also the entrepreneur and last but not least our are. They accompany and gag us almost, always more on ages, if nothing extraordinary will happen. In the business room and private helps the insolvency. The Nations there is no them, partly also improper way.

Something needs to be done and to free us from these shackles and their consequences. The Federal Republic of Germany and perhaps other Nations, which is said to them their Budget in hand, would flaunting a permanent growth of 5-6, which is Yes realistically impossible during continuous operation of State debt and repayments, without new borrowing, so only debt restructurings and relocations – at least 60-70 years need to deal with this debt. I’m not making that up, it’s pure logic and mathematics. It goes on, as the policy and ruling with this problem currently works and moves, a thousand more years is not enough. This can at all did not go well and never succeed. Incidentally, these are periods where you don’t think let alone calculate can, because everyone will agree with me that such long-term calculations including projects, simple nonsense is easy.

Who knows what happens tomorrow happen, or happened in day after tomorrow. Time flies with incredible speed and constantly new and unexpected events to us. Just to talk of a Greek exit from the euro, of course disclaims in the euro zone, which would be the downfall of this currency with all its consequences.

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