Internet Child

June 21, 2022
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Twenty-first century has presented us with new technologies, opportunities, relationships. By the same author: Peter Asaro. Now you can hear the voice of a loved one even if it is hundreds of miles away from you, you can write a "letter" and get an answer to it a couple of minutes, or travel the uncharted worlds, conquering enemies and ghouls, hitting them with a sharp sword and accurate arrows. You bought your child a game console sony psp – and became a gamer. But very few professionals can successfully launch from such a severe psychological dependence is – a gamer. Of course you can not blame the company – manufacturer of games, which is equivalent to charge manufacturers of matches for a fire in the house. Magic unreal world of orcs and goblins, tightens very quickly, and here are a few reasons: 1. Lack of friends. Communicating with peers is difficult for the child prefers to remain an imaginary hero in the fairy world – surrounded by hundreds of good assistants.

In school, problems necessary to solve the world or with their fists in Aden he has a nice sword and some skills that will cope even with the bloodthirsty orc, if that pleases a sudden insult, humiliate, to pass the border. 2. Impunity. Responsibility to screen the child does not exist, and still is not thought adequate penalties for violation of anything on the Internet. Here the child receives the full freedom of action, and fun to use it himself in "Good." 3. The breadth of opportunity and scope for imagination.

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