Institute Illness

January 5, 2024

Studies carried through from the statistical data of the world-wide Organization of health give account of that Brazil is the country with bigger incidence of cancer in the larynx. The illness that was detected recently in former-president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva has greater occurrence in the Southeast of the country, being So Paulo the state with bigger number. Amongst the most common causes of the illness they are, HPV (sexually transmissible), cigarette, and alcolismos. Having as aggravation the agreed use of the two drugs. The INCA (national Institute of the cancer) possesss a page with information many information on the illness, as symptoms, factors of risk, causes, etc. In the social nets already are possible to find innumerable manifestations of support to the former-president, since whom the notice of that the Squid is with cancer started to appear in the media tag #foralula if it became the most commented in twitter..

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