February 4, 2014

Integrated Digital cellular coverage Enhanced Network iDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network) is a wireless technology developed by Motorola in 1994, cellular phone plans provides users with mobile phones multiple services in a single integrated system for mobile communications.
Its main feature is the direct communication slider phone that allows one click to wireless phones establish a conference call or with the users of the all the plans include system, some all cellular providers across the U.S. terminal features Motorola include GPS (Global Positioning System), many of which depend on the capacity of the network, Motorola is which provides both cellular phones the infrastructure and HTC mobile terminals of this technology
IDEN terminals using various communications technologies, TDMA is the cellular phones main (Time Division Multiple Access), which can divide the signal into three parts, decreasing the load of each one of them. wireless providers Each side can carry cellular phones voice or data transmission.
There are two candy bar phone phone lines that support this technology: Eagle: It was the first line cell phones receiver to identify the technology, with every plan and replaced by Condor. Condor: now all the cell phones discontinued, you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans was sponsored by Nextel and free phones Southern LINC. Falcon: Sponsored by Nextel, Southern LINC and Boost Mobile, inaccessible for the cost of licenses. Fenix: Platform introduced with the i880 computer, and unlike the Falcon, cell phones in the sense that teams are fully multimedia, more Wireless phone deals like LG a cell phone. It is Nokia also clear that Blackberry has identified two teams in the market who have not had the same acceptance that the 3G GSM and CDMA, because they are lower in functions.
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