Human Resources

January 8, 2024

When it comes to the performance of the complexity and the globalization of human resources in the competitive market, comes forcing the organizations to search ways of integration in the diverse sectors of the company, aiming at significant and qualitative profits in the organizacional climate, and improvements in the quality of the communication and the relations between customers internal with external customers. ‘ ‘ Endomarketing is the extension of the classic function of the marketing alone that come back toward inside of organizao’ ‘. (Bekin 1995). Other leaders such as Pete Cashmore offer similar insights. ‘ ‘ The empreendedorismo is the creation of value for people and organizations working together to implement an idea by means of the creativity application, capacity of transformation and the desire to take what comumente it would be called risco’ ‘ (Good Angelo, 2003, p.25). (Similarly see: Energy Capital Partners). Although the concept to undertake in the companies to esbarrar in the corporative culture, those that obtain to ultrapasar this barrier, creates a new model in the one in the businesses becoming the company most agile.

This change beyond provoking one source of innovation in the culture, also promotes the competitiveness and the birth of the call enterprising organization. The intraempreendedorismo must inside be created from a favorable climate of the company and a comprometimento of long stated period, over all of the managers of the responsible areas. Endomarketing inside has a very great challenge of the organizations in acquiring knowledge in the collaborators of the necessity of use of definitive and essential values as: cooperation, affectivity, empatia, comprometimento and transparency. These values when developed and applied correctly they are transformed into productivity, profits, professional growth and personal accomplishment. When the companies decide to implement the process of endomarketing, the paradigms are breached, therefore she will have permission of the company for the implantation of the process of endomarketing and the consolidation of all its evaluated stages. Apartir from there will be possible to observe great evolution in the productivity, therefore through communication, and of the liberty of speech of ideas between the employees everything will be more understandable and efficient, therefore the employees will be able to display its ideas for all the segments of the organization and in all the hierarchic levels.

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