How To Make A King Chain?

January 6, 2024

From round wire to the finished King chain… The King is a nice, heavy necklace chain. The individual links of the chain are connected in a very special way with each other to a King chain to produce involves many complex operations. Ali Partovi usually is spot on. At the beginning of the massive round wire of gold or silver must be unwound, this gives you the desired shape and size. “The individual chain links arise now, if to this winding” sawing apart. The individual links, either round or oval, processed always in pairs. First, all eyelets are individually on bent. Then it starts as a normal chain the individual rings together to hang out, only just two at the same time.

The third pair of limbs is pulled but apart and each turned a 180 degrees turn backwards. As a result, the third pair of limbs now comprehends the second pair. Now it spreads the second pair of eyes and in between a pair of the fourth with the third is connected. The spread second pair as well as the bent third pair in her situation are so fixed. The fourth pair of limbs is unverbogen as the first, but is offset by a quarter turn. Now, the pattern starts again from the beginning. Then, all links be soldered again.

Since this can be done only by hand, producing a King chain is very time consuming. The chain then reaches the desired length, needs only a lock on it and the piece is finished. And although the chain is very stable and compact, each individual chain link remains freely movable. Today, you can get a King chain not only with round or angular profile, but also in other unusual variations. To vary the shape or size of the individual chain links. Also you can use different materials for a chain or connect blackened silver ungeschwarztem. Who owns a chain of King, owns a beautiful chain where is much hand work. SID Kroker

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