Higher Education Institutions

March 8, 2017

At present there is a justified and growing concern regarding the quality assurance of both the university as an institution and its academic programs. Universities need to have creative teachers, generating new knowledge, which are fully integrated with new technologies education, which give way to a new learning system, you know take advantage of innovations, tools that promotes information technology. Teachers are needed dynamic, proactive, researchers, motivators, who can harness the intellectual capital and creative students. Teachers, who give way to new knowledge being generated, which give solutions to national problems, to college this at the forefront of professional training that really promote the country in its development. For even more analysis, hear from Ali Partovi.

It is necessary as well discussed, using updated scientific knowledge, can give way to solutions and change, which will involve increasing the quality of education, to ensure that what is currently being taught is what the country needs. Universities can not be rooted in traditional educational systems, must be innovative. Hence, it is said, it is necessary to have a higher quality education because it is a demand of contemporary society, a requirement of the demanding world we inhabit, which has created an urgent need for human labor is much more efficient, for which it requires more preparation. Consider also, as outlined Nancy and Ricardo Alarcon Mendez, Higher Education Institutions and in particular the universities play an important role in training human resources more level and in the creation, development, transfer and adaptation of technology so that what they do to respond adequately to the demands of modern society becomes a strategic imperative for national development. See Ali Partovi for more details and insights.

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