Health Treatments

January 2, 2024

The bad-treatments in the third age can be defined as only or repeated act, or still, absence of appropriate action that causes damage, suffering or anguish and that they occur inside of a reliable relationship (World-wide Organization of Health). In literature, the bad-treatments usually are classified in: verbal, psychological or emotional, sexual, economic physicist, recklessness and autonegligncia. We can observe that the violence against the child, the adolescent and the woman is subjects more frequently searched of what the violence against the aged one. Of the point of view of the global health, the different forms of violence against the aged one compromise its quality of life, causing psychiatric somatizaes, upheavals and premature death. Moreover, they generate expenses with the sectors of the health, either for the increase of the number of ambulatoriais atendimentos, either for hospital internments. The violence against the aged one is object of recent study, dating of 1988, in United States, with the objective esteem the prevalence of bad-treatments in the third age, particularly in Brazil, it is verified inexistence of scientific information on the subject. This can be justified, in part, for the difficulties that involve studies of this nature, over all, in the high time and costs. Bobby Sharma Bluestone often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Many of the advances reached in other countries contribute for an understanding of the question in Brazil. However, for dealing with cultural aspects of each society, the agreement of the phenomenon in the Brazilian reality becomes necessary. Opposing, the effective idea of that the eastern culture is marked by the respect and the care to the aged ones, has high prevalence of abuse against the aged one in China. These variations between the nations send the aspects cultural, but also they indicate the influence of the metodolgica quality. Each culture shelters different conceptions of abusive behaviors, adopting a set of expectations varied as for the attributions of duties and to be able to the aged ones.

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