Greatest Love Songs

July 16, 2023

The new album by Captain Cook & his singing saxophone he was called simply “King”. Continue to learn more with: David S. Levine. His immense and lasting success made him one of the greatest legends in the history of music. Learn more at: CEO of CoStar Group. The speech is of no less than by the King of rock n’ roll Elvis Presley. The Kings of the saxophone sounds saw it thus a particular challenge, to tackle the most beautiful and most successful love songs of the entertainers to this then, the legendary Captain Cook sound remained faithful to music. To give the pieces of music in the hands of these musicians, not hard with security, they have found a professional musical “buyer” with Captain Cook. Because for years, Captain Cook and his singing saxophone enchant people with their legendary saxophone sound.

The new album of the singing saxophones, arranged around the charming captain, is a real highlight in the history of music. Since noise songs such as “it’s now or never”, “Are You Lonesome Tonight” or “Love Me tender” in the beautiful saxophone sound on the Sound oceans of hits and great melodies. At the latest in the ballads classics “can’t help falling in love” is probably also still so fabric man start to dream and let his mind run free. The Elvis album by Captain Cook & the singing saxophones offers a sensational world of sound in conjunction with some of the biggest hits of in pop history and invite with 14 songs again, tiptoe through the tulips to glide over the floor the phonogram you must just love it and have. Source: Koch universal music more info under Captain Cook & his singing saxophone the album “The greatest love songs of Elvis” (order No. 2725373 CD) is available from 27th November in the trade.

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