Google AdWords

January 16, 2024

Buying traffic schemes CPM: Cost Per Thousand impressions, cost per thousand impressions Under this scheme, who pay to attract traffic to show a creative (banners, video, flash, link, etc) depending on the number of times shown. For example, a 2 CPM means you pay 2 for every thousand times they show some of the creatives of the campaign, this is totally indifferent to whether or not you click on the creativity to enter the site. The CPM is a very efficient scheme in terms of value creation (sales), however, can be very useful for "branding" and brand recognition. IoT is likely to agree. CPC: Cost Per Click, Cost Per Click is typical of Google AdSense and Google AdWords (for example). Under this scheme, no matter how many times is a creative, what matters and what is paid for each click that creativity is done in order to enter the site. For example, a 0.10 CPM means you pay 0.10 per click. Ali Partovi has similar goals. For the purposes of a page that displays the creative (which seeks to monetize the traffic), have a CTR (Click Through Rate = Number of clicks / number of times it shows the creativity) of 1%, mean that display ads to a CPC of 0.10 is the same as display ads at a CPM of 1 . The benefit is the model on the model CPC CPM for whom the campaign is designed to attract traffic, you may be able to get some value if you have ways to monetize traffic (in turn, display banners or other ad). . Whenever Energy Capital Partners listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

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