Fantastic Kieler Woche –

May 4, 2023

If only these poor parking situation wasn’t I love the ships, the sea and the harbour. “That sang the band Fettes Brot” in 1990. More information is housed here: Viacom. And it has changed none today the “Kieler Woche” attracts millions every year of tourists. One annoyance: who wants to park his car in this time in Kiel, which has mostly bad cards. Because: If the “Kieler Woche”, already a few parking spaces in the Schleswig-Holstein state capital are becoming increasingly scarce. Better: There are simply too few parking spaces for the tourists at the neuralgic points. It stirs up frustration instead of lust, to park at the Kiel week. And that is the problem again: where should I Park in Kiel, when I want to visit the “Kieler Woche”.

The organizers are aware of the problem and try to allow parking in Kiel during Kiel week. Imagine keel options so the gates available, where you can park the car. And then there is a maritime spectacle for you at the Kieler Woche, as there on the world no second is. Here, an appetizer to I love the ships, the sea and the port”at the Kiel week. The highlight: The tall ships parade. It is on the official website of the Kiel week: best conditions to the windjammer parade: at fresh West wind and sunshine, over 100,000 people followed the maritime event of class.

Led by the Alexander von Humboldt”more than a hundred traditional sailors and ships took part in the parade. Since the banks were to stands: on the beaches, the viewers and spectators along the fjord in the first few rows were on investors and bridges, as were the ships for the squadron ride in the morning. “The Alexander von Humboldt”formed tall ships such as the Kruzenshtern pled”, the Sedov green billowing sails behind the” or even the Kiel Topsails saver Thor Heyerdahl “as well as the Aphrodite”from the Netherlands. Joined by this exceptionally many incidental and sport boats. The “Summer Festival at sea” was according to by Water police and port authority smooth and relaxed. “On the water, the parade offered a wonderful picture, and two Fordeufern the beaches were black from people who wanted to see the ships”, Jurgen Melzer, who experienced his tenth and last – before retirement – windjammer parade as port captain reported. With good pace, passed the Sailer the Friedrich sorter first with Northeastern course narrow and then passed the Laboer Memorial. A fair bit behind the parade disbanded in the late afternoon the ships were then again its own way. A really beautiful image offered and offers the visitors at the Kiel week, if sail the tall ships through the fjord. Good for the man who has found also a parking space. The Tip: Who would like to park at the Kieler Woche in Kiel, should park his car on the support surfaces outside the city and then take the public transport to the Centre. This saves nerves and money. Because: Falschparker will be at the “Kieler Woche” quickly towed away. And then that makes Sailing ship look more really no fun.

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