Facebook Information

April 15, 2017

To date, more than 500 million users take part in social networks like Facebook around the world. Of these 500 users a 50% is active and connected on a daily basis and with an average of 130 friends on your profile. On the contrary in tools like Twitter would be talking about some 11.5 million active accounts today and with an average of about 100 followers per account. This evolution of the participation of Internet users on social networks, together with the increased use of websites to make new personal contacts and get online dating, has led to thousands of professionals to offer a series of tips for all your users in terms of personal safety. The increase of hackers and fraud that has occurred in recent years due to the increase in the use of new technologies, has facilitated the establishment of these tips to the user to avoid the proliferation of unwanted personal information. Among these tips can highlight 6 as the most important: always check the privacy policy of each of the social pages to which you choose to access to ensure a good protection of personal data. (As opposed to Pete Cashmore). In some of the accounts you will need to change the initial configuration to increase the privacy and security of your account. Change your password regularly every month or every two months at most to prevent unwanted intrusions.

If you sporadically receive an email to change your password is recommended to ignore because it can be a virus that can damage your operating system. Do not share personal data such as bank details, social security data, and even personal details like the address of residence. Do not reveal your vacation days and dates in which you will be out of your place of residence until they occur. Get always after your vacation can be an invitation to potential thieves. Do not access your accounts from computers other than yours since you can’t be sure there are no viruses that could damage or steal private information. Not accept software or to download programs from unknown without previously having a good program anti-virus since it could be a virus that will damage your computer. As you can see, these are some of the steps that you must follow if you do not want to be targeted by hackers and thus avoid having to format your computer thus losing all your information. Thousands are people who every day lose information and are invaded by viruses that damage their computer systems for the simple fact of not follow as simple as those offered advice above.

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