January 26, 2015

The performance evaluation is a tool used in management of people, with the objective to identify to the capacity and the abilities acquired for the professional for the development of its laborativa activity. As Fleury (2004) the performance of a professional is directly proportional the two conditions of the human being: ' ' to want fazer' ' , that explicit the endogenous desire to carry through (motivacional) and ' ' to know fazer' ' , that is, the cognitiva condition and of description that makes possible the professional to carry through some work with effectiveness and efficiency. The performance evaluation is treated then, of an evaluation process that identifies the acquired potentialities and possibilities of development of the professional in its daily one, for Oak (1998): The performance evaluation consists in a series of techniques with the purpose to get information on the professional behavior of the evaluated one during its performance in the work. However, when placed in practical, the necessary evaluation of performance to be well planned how much its form of application and evaluation, since it deals with the human being as appraiser of this process. All its acts will be involved and gifts in its evaluation and, therefore, a well detailed clarification of the avaliativo process for the appraisers becomes necessary. The avaliativo process, therefore, does not have to be discriminated as an end in he himself. The close necessity of construction of the conscience for the collaborator of its belonging to ampler atmosphere exists in elapsing of this process, repleta of scienters, with mission and values that must always be condizentes with its professional development and life expectancy. In what it says respect to methodology of the evaluation, exists diverse forms to execute it, being that it must leave of the operational management in set with the Direction of an organization? for if dealing with a strategical action? , the form more concernente its reality, of if developing a performance evaluation: Evaluation 360: When one identifies and it consults all the employee correlatos to the determined function of professional, also the proper professional, in the referring one to the development of its attributions in the organization in abrangncia of 360.

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