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April 19, 2018

Wurth Phoenix presents at the CRM Executive Dinner in Frankfurt at the invitation of Microsoft recent experiences in the field of sales force automation Wurth Phoenix has at the invitation of Microsoft Germany within the framework of CRM Executive Dinner in Frankfurt reported about his experiences in the introduction of CRM and marketing software projects. Managing Director Michael Piok was doing in his lecture of CRM in practice”before the success criteria of a successfully implemented CRM strategy. Software systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or the Wurth Phoenix developed sales solutions speedy + and SpeedyTOUCH are essential tools for the systematic treatment of customer and product information. Contact information is here: Viacom. Prerequisite for the successful application but would be, that the solution of traceable in the achieved benefits and consistent with the company’s strategy interwoven them. It would concern also, and above all the sales area. A salesperson offers not only services and products. He is an Ambassador of corporate culture and performance, by Setting, performance and profit to the outside. CRM software systems that are there, to support this philosophy,”as Palkar.

Wurth Phoenix operates as ERP, CRM and IT management service provider for over 300 business customers outside the parent company as well as for the companies of the Wurth Group successfully. In addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and WuRTH PHOENIX speedy + distribution solution, Palkar presented also the usage scenarios of the recently developed solution SpeedyTOUCH for use on tablets and Smartphones. SpeedyTOUCH aims to make the dialogue between sellers and buyers to a new level by means of an interactive product catalogue. The tablet or Smartphone is used as a proactive, easy to use and up-to-date sales tool, attractive to the workplace of the seller and modern design. Sales and CRM expert Dr. Peter Winkelmann entered his post on the new challenges of a modern customer service. Increased global competition combined with increasing cost and price pressures, organization changes through acquisitions or mergers, the emergence of social networks, as well as higher legal hurdles: challenges, companies need to put in all these trends.

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