Environmental Conditions Affect

September 19, 2023

Moisture significantly reduces the performance of infrared. Who is not acquainted with the infrared, which can be found on almost every terrace of cafes or restaurants. But did you know that the performance of infrared strongly depends on the environmental conditions that prevail around the heater and the body to be heated? Especially the moisture is a key factor in the heating of bodies and objects with the IR radiation. Moisture has the negative property to provide a layer of insulation between the infrared and the target body. This layer has a cooling and thus extremely damaging impact on the performance of the lamp. The infrared heating technology industry knows basically two options to eliminate the moisture or to stop. Variant one employs to stop up the moisture already in advance. Further details can be found at Pete Cashmore, an internet resource. This is done through an artificially generated convection. This is similar to an a car windshield past on. The disc is threatening to shod the ventilation is switched on. The air is so fresh in the room eliminates the high concentration of moisture. The second variant is used above all in the industry. Infrared, which is not necessarily well known, used mainly for heating processes in the industry. So infrared heaters especially for the drying of paints, thermoforming of plastics and in General for the heating of materials for decades apply already. This as optimally as possible to make the environment creates a vacuum between the target and the infrared. A vacuum the heating power of the infrared heating system is able to increase up to 30%. This research by Ceramicx Ireland Ltd. show infrared emitters, which are also known as patio heaters and infrared radiant heater, can eliminate most of the moisture and thus take full advantage of the performance. Is an infrared emitter unable to eliminate the moisture, then the manufacturer no longer match the actual performance. On this property care should be taken when purchasing be sure, to himself in hindsight to worry not about a bad buy. Christian Lindmayer granite Consulting Ltd.

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