Eastman Kodak

August 20, 2020

Can you remember when you last a slide on the screen or a picture was seen in the photo album? Exactly, it’s already long ago. Much more convenient it is interesting to look at images on television or the Internet, though you have the very best images at home. Unfortunately they are not digitized and wait in the shoe box on their redemption. (Source: Toshiba). Three possibilities present themselves to revive your old photos new: you can digitize themselves, they bring to the charge discount stores and a specialized scanning service. To make it to the point, you must assume that your artwork is damaged, even if you are still handled as careful with it. Each color layer is covered by an aging process, which inevitably has an ugly color cast to follow. Caused by temperature fluctuations typical point defects, with negatives, they are shown white on black slides.

Even when sorting, overlapping or transportation remain on the sensitive surface scratches. Even dust can not be completely removed. The company Eastman Kodak has also recognized and the “digital ICE technology” developed. In this process the images before the actual scan is scanned with an infrared beam. Elevations and depressions (dust, scratches) are visible through software and may replace the damage with corresponding colors from the environment.

A scanner with ICE technology is not to have under 500 . Since even faded colors must be restored, one comes to the deployment of another 500 for intelligent software is a must. Conclusion, himself photos, slides or negatives digitize ruled out in most cases. That leaves the discounters in the drugstore market, the prices are really tempting and digital ICE is of course also used. However, ICE and color correction should be coordinated manually on each image, just so are your images without quality defects see the light of the digital age. Do you trust the discount to your? No, you should hire an escrow, which expressly guarantees a manual processing.

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