Director Engagement

July 8, 2018

The ‘Senior Forum Wurzburg and surroundings’ starts with the support and the FreiwilligenBorseHamburg software this summer with a voluntary work-Exchange-online based on the model Citizen engagement involves a civil understanding of solidarity. We want to strengthen the solidarity of the strong with the weak specifically in Hamburg with our projects. Citizen engagement is always use for a target, which is itself important the individual committed and this sharing with the community. Citizen engagement is therefore also for personal growth. People of all ages learn in the and by the voluntary commitment. Volunteers gain such as social skills, new experiences and insights into whole new worlds, but also contacts the often to real friendships. The commitment allows also many personal encounters and moments that make life richer.

We want our project lust on the presence and emulate”make. We want that our silent heroes of everyday life not only admired models remain, but much copied before makers. The cooperation between commercial schools, economy, long-term unemployed and honorary companions form a stimulating synthesis of new contacts and experiences. For the promotion of civic engagement team works with committed organizations, foundations and corporations the common good over 800. Their core tasks include database maintenance of, as well as the advice of people who are looking for a voluntary task. We want to encourage start-ups, new developments and networking individual projects and accompany. Through continuous commitment and intense networking in the social space of Hamburg has FreiwilligenBorseHamburg bundled and diverse knowledge and numerous contacts. All this offered demand and free projects, organisations, and companies at different stages of life.

For such an infrastructure, you have a secure dedicated team with a good mix of ages to have major and honorary, store the project on several shoulders. So long-term civic engagement successfully can achieve sustainable the social welfare and togetherness. The initiator and Director of the FreiwilligenBorseHamburg us the whole team forward: glad when others recognize the benefits of our work for yourself, this apply and also say.

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