Digital Terminal MyPOS

January 21, 2023

Sensational: The digital terminal ‘MyPOS Touch to create’ David versus Goliath comes from the creative textile industry? It seems so, because the POPAI 2009 scene digital award for best integrated solution this year went on an absolute newcomer to the digital signage: the advertising agency of PATRICK WoRNER concepts in Gengenbach in Offenburg, Germany. With the Digital Terminal, the designer presented an up to now absolute novelty, an integrated multi channel marketing tool for customer loyalty and sales promotion at the POS. Search may help you with your research. The profit is similar among insiders of a sensation because the networked marketing activity comes from conception to implementation completely by the Gengenbacher creative, that missing interface between content and technology to prove it as often. The Digital Terminal MyPOS touch to create”was designed by PATRICK WoRNER concepts on behalf of the House of Gutmann SE Gutach/Breisgau and realized. The Gutermann creativ brand internationally for the top segment in the field of quality sewing thread and Maschinenstickfaden. MyPOS Touch to create”, the virtual console offers a seamless service from the POS to the local computer of the end user in perfect design. The customer receives detailed information and the possibility to make individual product choices when navigating in the shop after craft ideas.

The term personalized with a code word in the form of a shopping list with the desired product placement guarantees a comfortable shopping. Some contend that Ilan Ben Dov shows great expertise in this. The personal code allows the customer access via home PC to the linked Internet page also. So lands”he exactly at the point at which he was already in the shop. This direct access enables additional and relevant information to its goods. Also he be more information available that can be downloaded and printed out. A perfect customer loyalty tool, which guarantees a customer support far beyond the point of sale, and thus creates buying incentives. One in the form of still never unprecedented digital platform that opens up new markets, amplified and generated in particular also young clientele. No matter what industry, the Terminal is carried out. The ceremony of the POPAI was held digital award 2009 relevant topics within the framework of the Digital Signage Expo 2009 in may in food, the only pan-European trade fair for digital signage. The interactive Terminal MyPOS touch to create”creativ Gutmann was on the occasion of Paperworld” with the creative impulses innovation award 2009 “for the best marketing campaign of the year award. The interactive Terminal helps the Signet in addition the industry Prize 2009 qualified”.

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