Digital Reproduction

October 23, 2020

Memes are so easy and so many prospects for success have company. GoPro has compatible beliefs. We are talking about a “meme” we mean actually mostly digital reproductions which can cause Massenhypes and thus have a significant impact on the marketing of a company. Most of them are very simple things that the viewer right into the blood, talk to him, whether it involves a dance videos ala Gangnam style or the “Harlem shake”, is beards glued-on, the so-called “plan King” and cat beards, the “generation of iA” used, reproduced and imitated this digital memes. The word “Meme” (in English “memes”) derives from the Greek “mimema” (?? = pronounced Mi? m?)Ma = m? m? ma off and means “Something imitation”. So the meme was marked the first time “meme” used by British biologist of Richard Dawkins, who invented the word in the publication “The Selfish Gene”.

The word is a combination of “memory” and “genes”. In the biological Meaning involves the evolutionary propagation or reproduction of an “idea” or a partly cultural property. Transfer may include this also melodies, sayings, clothing styles, or also plans for the construction of arches. Memes reproduce normally by the induced behavior in its “wearer” or “Economic”. The special kind of passing a digital memes come also to modifications, deteriorations, modifications and improvements – according to the principle: each major, more diverse! Culture spanned memes spread rapidly at the present time! Memes in target practice in the dissemination of memes is to reach a large number of people. But how can that be achieved? What we have found in our work is that good marketing for products or brands, always a poignant statement, an “image” “sell”, which itself shapes up in the memory of the people. However, a meme must meet additional criteria – it must simply be reproducible, copyable and distributable. Let us look at the Harlem shake from a marketing perspective.

As a by-product to the Harlem shake and thousands of copies and subsequent creators the topic overlaps well on the iPhone and other mobile devices with video capability. So its own app for the iPhone is available now, with in a few minutes an own Harlem shake video can be made. Usually, we used platforms such as Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, your own blogs and Google + for the launch of a digital memes. The most common target group people who spend much time in the Office and online are the “white collar jobs”, because here is the distribution rate of interesting and funny videos, photos, etc. particularly high. What teaches us the spread of memes? Many companies are facing a high, partly for them even intractable challenge in the field of social media marketing and online marketing. Almost daily are local and supra-regional up to worldwide to thousands of potential customers in the Internet, looking for the right Are the product of the right service. We have requests from customers, whether we can use this new form of digital marketing for them regularly. Memes are generally a good way but so harder to place in the own target group. It is particularly important at this point, that companies in Germany learn to tweet, with Facebook really familiar make, consider customer service from a new angle, and take care of the customers of the digital generation. Before this way is not reached, in which we are happy to help you, as the online marketing agency bwave from Munich / Los Angeles, it makes little sense to think about the creation of memes generated attention.

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