DES Making

February 10, 2015

4. Indcale why it is important that it corrects his conduct. This will help you much to depersonalize the correction, that is to say, he will understand that if you are drawing him attention he is not because he falls to you bad or you want because it to bother, but because it is within a system and its participation it is important. Retaking the example that I have come handling, him you could mention something as well as: " the clients hope we o’clock take care of that them of the 8. Some of them are in a hurry to arrive at other sites and if we are not available in order to take care of they will get upset them with us and they will go away to competencia".

If it give account you, all the arguments that you use do not have what to see with you, nor with the company, but with the attention to the client: something just and completely logical. 5. Pregntale what can make to correct its own conduct or performance. This it is a strategic step within all the process, because you are making reflect and find its own ways him to solve the problem. If you said to him how to do she will take it like an obligation or coercion.

But he settles down his own way to correct himself will do it with more availability. But they ten much well-taken care of to receive evasive answers. You are not satisfied to " I promise to you that I do not return it to hacer". This is not sufficient. You have what to remove to the collaborator a specific answer, as it could be: " as of morning I will put my awakener 10 minutes antes". This yes is specific! One of the advantages of this step is that you are making mature to your collaborator, because rather than you him DES to all the impel answers to look for it them by itself.

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