Deep National

January 28, 2015

The PLANFOR came to make possible the workers to develop new actions in the scope of the education, for these diligent ones was important the education for one better understanding of the movements syndical Brazilian. In 1996 the federal government launches the SHOVELS, program of solidary alfabetizao in partnership with companies, municipal administration and university, with the campaign It adopts an Illiterate with the concept of who does not know to read and to write is incapable, that is, denying the education as a right. However the SHOVELS the private initiative with insignificativos results faces all the difficulties for being outside of the governmental sphere total submissa, for the inexistence of actions directed to the continuation of studies for that they were alfabetizados. In 2003, the MEC launches the program Brazil Alfabetizado as objective to raise the escolaridade of the young of 15 years or more, aged adults and who had not had access or had not been able to frequent the school in adjusted age, the program were created through the resolution n6 of the FNDE (Deep National of Education) of 08 of April of 2003. The program is developed with the partnership of the states, cities, organizations of civil society and institutions of superior education, that it aims at to contribute all for the expansion of this for Brazil. The Ministry of Desenvolvimento Social (MDS), Combat to the Hunger and the MEC are working in partnership to prioritize the school registration of the enrolled people in Cadastro Only of the beneficiaries of the Stock market Family in groups of Brazil Alfabetizado. The partnership between the programs is an aid that it complements the income transference and it prioritizes the increase of the escolaridade and reduces the illiteracy, that is a used strategy to surpass the poverty. One creates then the secretariat of continued education, Alfabetizao and Diversidade? SECAD- established in July 2004.

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