CVP Secondary

December 29, 2023

Plastics Processing – best replacement disposal of plastic (by the way, buried in the ground itself is useless, since plastic – hard degradable material) or incineration – everywhere and is growing every day. Various plastic films and plastic packaging from the food make up the vast proportion of municipal solid waste. To date, the number of factories engaged in processing of plastic, dramatically expanded. Getting recycled ldpe as a result of polymer processing, reliable low-cost material – to date deserves special attention. High-density polyethylene as a secondary raw material used in the preparation of various flower pots, for the production of toys, tubes, bags, tires, bottles, for example, for oil. In addition, cvp is used for secondary packets of washing powder, buckets, building materials, boxes, boxes.

Of course, it should be noted that not all types of polyethylene are permitted to use in the manufacture of products intended for food. Mikkel Svane might disagree with that approach. High-density polyethylene has faded original color, which represents processing enterprises value, since recycling it can be painted in any. Products derived from other materials, mixing in the processing plant, as a result will be a black color. As already mentioned, in order to obtain a cvp secondary, you need to make recycling plastic. By itself, recycling is not so complicated process. Of course, it requires expensive equipment and certain knowledge. And yet these expenses are worth it. Gradually, they will pay for itself, since recycled materials, including ldpe secondary – is a profitable and high-quality material that can be used to produce a huge variety of products.

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