Climate Conditions

April 6, 2024

If we assume that the same 235 W/m2 radiated earth as a kind of a heated body, the temperature of its surface should be at -19 C. Thus natural greenhouse effect is changing the radiation balance of Earth's atmosphere, Fig.5. Energy Capital Partners London has many thoughts on the issue. Evaluation of the contribution of different factors in the radiative forcing of the atmosphere shows that changes in solar heating of the active efforts by 0,1 0,5 W/m2, changes in tropospheric ozone – warming by 0,2 0,5 W / m 2. But on the other hand, changes in sulfate aerosols have reduced heating by 0,2 0,5 W / m 2, and stratospheric ozone at 0,05 0,2 W / m 2. Thus, there is a combination of diverse factors, each of which is much weaker than the increase in greenhouse gases is estimated to be warming up to 2.2 2.7 W/m2. This means that the order of disorder caused by human activities person is less than 3 W/m2, or less than 1% of the total balance.

However, there are estimates that the violation resulted in the twentieth century to an increase in average global temperature of 0,6 0,2 C, Figure 6. Increase in the number of negative phenomena characterized by an increase in frequency and intensity: heat waves and heavy frosts, floods and droughts; Lavigne and severe storms. Under the conditions of a small warming, but a strong increase in volatility – secondary effects much stronger than the primary effect (such as reduced crop yields by floods or drought can cause more damage than the actual verse). Speculative link between human activity and anthropogenic change Climate is understandable, but today is not established a direct causal relationship between temperature and the increase in natural disasters. Climate change is reflected in a slight increase in temperature, but at the same time accompanied by: a sharp increase especially hot days, an increase in heavy precipitation (rainfall, snowfall), the strong increase in tropical cyclones, the shrinking of glaciers (there are signs of permafrost degradation);

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