Ceilings Room

December 24, 2011

There is nothing surprising when you consider their reliability, durability, versatility and a wonderful harmony, when combined with all styles and trends in the design of the room. To this we can still add a great amount of colors and textures, which have suspended ceilings, opening up vast vistas for the imagination. Installation of stretch ceilings is striking in its simplicity. Just a few hours, leaving your room clean, specialists, gently stretched canvas of a new ceiling, covering all the shortcomings of the old, pre-heat the room up to 60-70C. PVC film, which is the basis of stretch ceiling, in addition to its aesthetic benefits, very easy to operate.

Due to the properties of the material, fireproof ceilings, clean and do not cause allergies, are very strong, can withstand loads of up to 10 kg per square meter. Waterproof quality film allows the installation of the ceilings, even in rooms with high humidity. Sound insulation properties, which have ceilings will save you from the noisy neighbors. An alternative material for stretch ceilings may be invited to the canvas on the basis of a special fabric treated with a polyurethane impregnation. The advantages of using such material – in width seamless fabric that reaches five feet, versus two in PVC film and the possibility of installing a ceiling without heating.

In addition, it is more resistant to mechanical damage. The quality of suspended ceilings confirm manufacturers providing warranties on them for not less ten years. For an important advantages, which have suspended ceilings include the possibility of giving the originality and even exclusivity of your interior. You can make a reality of the most amazing fantasy and plans, if you use the opportunity of drawing all kinds of drawings and photographs with photo printing. This is a unique opportunity to create a unique style and comfort in your home, impress your family and guests, and at the office create the necessary atmosphere.

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