Car Paint

October 21, 2011

Visual image legkovika after operation loses its original beauty – the painting on the car and tarnishes adds age car. In the course of operation of cars on car paint chips and scratches appear and weather had a negative impact as a result of rust on the body of cars. When the service is lacking in case of loss of vehicle aesthetic appearance – if so, then your car must 'treat' the body and update the painting. Phasing of the painting machine to date provides an opportunity to achieve the desired effect on the quality and appearance of the painted surface. But with the application of qualitative materials and the experience and skills of the master.

If your car was in the studio, first ask – than working in the garage How long will repair your car and whether the cost of polishing work. All it is clear that – the motorist will not be aware of the quality of all materials showing interest in the choice and quality avtomaterialov painting, you create a view that you do not Autohouse novice and experts would not treat you as a 'Luohu' Ask in which the premises is carried out repairs and whether or not professional ethics when it will be possible to implement with the consent of the administration bezpripyatstvy garage. After the car will be painted not in a hurry to pick up a car from the studio! Carefully study the problem area for dust and then – all sorts of cost differences and find a painting of the difference between dyed and details unpainted car paint technology allows high-quality materials to achieve excellent results in repairing and painting the car. if you were satisfied with the work and found no defects – can boldly take car and sign a form for admission. Good luck! Take care of yourself and your car – so there's nothing more reliable than the factory paint

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