Cambridge Plan

January 1, 2024

Thus it was titled Stephen Hawking, until recently little Professor of mathematics at Cambridge, his last work that argues, contrary to what was expressed in his best seller a brief history of time, that modern science leaves no room for the existence of God or this would be unnecessary, since the law of gravity alone is enough to explain the creation of the universe by itself and nothing! For starters, I have the question of why Hawking precisely chose this title for his book, because the word design as a noun necessarily includes the idea of a designer or someone who thinks, plans and carries out the design. Let’s read some definitions of the Webster dictionary: something whose purpose is to serve as a guide for something else / decorative or artistic work / sketch or plan something indicative sketch / creation of something in the mind / preliminary sketch, a profile or pattern of the main features, sketch or strokes of something that is It will run, such as a painting, a building, a decoration; delineation or plan / a plan or scheme formed in the mind of something that is going to be made; preliminary conception; idea to be expressed in a form visible or led to action; purpose intention / completion of an inventive or decorative plan; work of decorative art considered as a new creation; conception or plan shown in a full work / invention and conduct of the subject; available to all parties and the general order of everything. According to the scientist, born in Oxford exactly 300 years after the death of Galileo Galilei, all the wealth of scientific evidence known to him, contains the tests that never existed a specific time in which the world was created, therefore there is no reason to admit the existence of a creator. The universe, according to Hawking, doesn’t seem to have neither borders, limits, neither beginning nor end, and has always been an entity self-sufficient, reason by which God is an idea that is unnecessary and is not necessary to resort to a creator to explain the birth nor the characteristics of our world.

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