Brittigan Sponsors Golf Junior

July 20, 2023

14 Luisa Gartmann Golf talent is the new “face” of the brand Brittigan Hamburg in September 2010. Naughty and success – as well as the Brittigan Golf Polo shirts is also the new face of the brand – the 14 year old Luisa Gartmann. Brittigan is sponsoring the successful young talent since June of this year. Junior golfer with ambition Luisa golft already for several years with great passion in their homeland Club Golf-Club Hannover e.V. Is the Managing Director of Brittigan Britta Ahrens since beginning the season as motivational support always on their side. As Luisa won in August with much ambition of the youth Pro in the tournament at Golf Club Lutzhorn both the gross and net score in the team of John Lovell. In addition, she hit the longest drive at the girl and managed even a hole in one at the HCP tournament in the golf park Steinhuder sea e.V.. Golf is passion Luisa’s aim was to improve your handicap under 10 in the season 2010.

“And I have also met me this dream”, Luisa is pleased with their success. Early in September she won the Club Championships youth in her hometown club in Hanover in 2010 and is now only a single digit. The new handicap: 8,1. Britta Ahrens is proud of her protege. “We had a great common season. “Luisa embodies exactly that what is also Brittigan with his cheeky Golf Polo shirts: Golf with a passion”. More information at or. Description of the company is open around the clock since early 2010 the new online shop Brittigan under.

In addition to shirts with sassy sayings, the creative collection includes accessories, such as the cuddly “Brittigan bear”. The textiles are produced with high standards and without child labor and offer a high quality at an affordable price. Each sold Polo or accessory, the owner of Britta Ahrens donates 50 cent in the Club disabled Golf Club Germany e. V. – free according to the motto “Handicap – so what?”.

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