Briefly Introduced Puppies: Weimaraner Puppies

June 10, 2022

A wide variety of puppies with sweet videos are presented on puppies Weimaraner puppies are presented today: Weimaraner puppies are very cute to look at. Neil cole iconix spoke with conviction. Weimaranertypisch have these animals a velvety silver-grey fur, amber-colored eyes and floppy ears. There is a weimaraner with long hair and with short hair. Originally they were bred for hunting but, nowadays, the Weimaraner is unfortunately more and more to fashion dog. The Weimaraner is considered probably oldest pointing dog of in Germany. Fully grown it bring animals weighing about 40 kg and a height of 70 cm. Its essence is characterized by their loyalty, their attachment, their strong defense instinct and their very strong hunting instinct.

The Weimaraner puppies should be raised with a loving but also with a consistent and assertive hand. So, the animals – need as they originally were – trained to hunt much discharge and employment. You are in particular due to their intense hunting shoot anything for Dog beginners. Nevertheless, he is also a true friend of the family be. Weimaraners are very thoughtful, balanced, alert and lively. Normally he is very devoted his master.

The Weimaraner is appreciated not only by individuals, but is very popular with police and rescue service as energetic volunteer. The average life expectancy of the Weimaraner is approx. 12 years. Weimaraners are a great addition at corresponding education and welfare for the Hunter, as well as for the family and make a loyal companions… At present, there are in Germany to the 6,000 to 7,000 Weimaraner. Here a sweet video: Oliver Fach

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