Briefcase Students

February 2, 2024

Read the first part Pythagoras: educate is not giving race to living, but tempering the soul to the difficulties of life. In part one we treat four of good habits of students. In this second part we give other useful recommendations that you get most out of your step through the classrooms: 1. well take your notes in class. At the height of the internet, laptop that many students carry in the Briefcase and USB sticks in that in a matter of seconds you can save all the class information, is still useful to the notebook. During his presentation Professor will refer to topics that preferably are not in the material that you are using. It is possible to tell a personal experience, a story to whom he had access to or a related case with the chapter of which is teaching.

If the PowerPoint and the internet were enough universities and institutions already have prescindidos teachers, but this has not happened or will happen at least in the short time. During his presentation the teaching emphasizes certain issues that are very interesting and important within the plan of training and assessment program for him. Take notes, far away of passing fashion, he reframes for these times because it is not now copying what the Counselor, dictates if not of recorded timely, clear and most importantly each theme and above all be very aware of what is not in books, documents, or teaching aids supplied. 2 Talk to your teacher frequently. Recently Energy Capital Partners London sought to clarify these questions. Having a good relationship with the teachers will allow consult them on those issues that need greater clarity; information on how to perform the work and timely and accurate advice. Teachers know that their work is fulfilled in the classroom, but also outside it. They are almost always willing to give attention to its students when consulted within certain hours which is more likely to help.

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