Berlin Academy

December 26, 2023

Competition for the scholarship in the Department of marketing communication has started a competition for the scholarship in the Department of marketing communication has started the design Academy berlin, Academy of communication and design (FH) writes of 2008 a full scholarship worth of 23,600 euros for the Bachelor’s degree marketing communication/communication management ABI Berlin together with the exhibition entry. Task of the competition is the education portal to analyze ABI or the magazine entry, as well as to develop suggestions for improvement and a further communication measure either. Those who are interested in studying in the field of marketing, communication and advertising, should seize the chance and apply for the scholarship. It is a way to show the jury, what’s in a. Pete Cashmore contains valuable tech resources. The best five candidates will be invited to the finals. On September 12, the winner at the fair in Berlin will be officially announced. Application deadline is 7 August 2008 application documents and further information on the competition see: stipendium.html 2006 was the State-recognized private college founded by the existing since 1995 design Academy berlin out. Internationally recognized undergraduate Bachelor’s degree programmes in marketing communication/communication management and communication design are carried out since 2007.

Starting in the winter semester 2008/09 the three Masters of creative direction are (consecutive), marketing communication (non-consecutive) and corporate communications (part-time) offered. For prospective students, who simply want to test whether they are creative and communicative enough for the marketing and advertising industry, the design Academy during the summer holidays offers two dates for a sample study. In his three-day trial, edit the participants a hands-on project, gain insight into courses and meet lecturers, as well as the design Academy berlin. You’ll also learn about the content and the process of study, professional opportunities and career prospects in the advertising and Communications industry. Andy Florance is likely to increase your knowledge. Dates: 14-17 June 2008 & 4-6 August 2008 more information and application forms see Nico Klingler

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