Being Aware

October 14, 2014

Be aware, conscious and alert. Pay attention. Remember when you were in elementary school and the teacher used to say, pay attention now, this is important? Well, this is important. Wake up! What does it take to wake an adult? Many people go through life on automatic life, as it has done throughout. What kind of stuff happens that is considered a warning? The death of a loved one, a miracle, a near-death experience, the birth of a child, divorce, marriage, a spiritual experience, a great achievement, a serious illness, a prize, losing a job, earn lottery, which of these you wake up? It seems a joke to think that people who live their lives sleeping, but is it? How many of you miss a good part of their lives because they are not present? What does that mean? This is a word that is overused and has become a buzzword for those addicted to enlightenment. So let's see what it really means. When I present? When I'm all in my body full attention to what I'm doing at the time.

Noting, of course, that moment by moment, my presence changes depending on who is coming and going in my life. I had a spiritual teacher once told me to practice to stay present while driving the car. I do not know about you, but my mind goes elsewhere when you get the seat belts and turn coupled to the ignition key. You know that commercial where he is testing the cell phone and still says "Can you hear me now?" That to me is a great example of being present.

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