Allergies In Pets

June 2, 2022

Food additives cause increasingly health problems increasingly allergies occur also in our pets. The main symptoms are skin, skin and intestinal problems. Causes various factors in question are: use of so-called food additives in food, supplements and treats. Additives are E.g. synthetic vitamins, minerals, trace elements and genetically modified feed materials. Pollutants in the environment and in the food, such as fertilizers and insecticides partially excessive use of disinfectants and hygiene sprays, barren life conditions and the body will no longer hardened.

The harmful substances enter the body of the animal, are converted in the liver and excreted mainly via the kidneys and the intestines. The primary organs of detoxification are overloaded, but the so-called secondary organs of detoxification are enabled. Intestinal, skin and mucous membranes must, even though they do not primarily responsible, helping intervene. Their physiological functions are disrupted this and inflammation of the mucous membranes (nose, eyes, ears, throat, gut), unpleasant strong body odor to skin diseases, itching, diarrhea, flatulence, there. Most attempts at this stage due to medications used to prevent these unpleasant reactions, thereby triggering problems be solved but not thoroughly.

The body needs to find new ways to dispose of the metabolic breakdown product. Therefore, the most allergy-sick animals have multiple disease problems such as skin, fur, and intestinal diseases. Holistic support allergic diseases, the elimination play off – and metabolic functions must be strengthened and rebuilt. The secondary detoxification organs such as the skin and mucous membranes are only relieved, if the primary (liver and kidney) their normal functions return after May. For more specific information, check out isearch. What care should be taken when allergic animals? On food additives such as synthetic vitamins, minerals and trace elements in food,. Supplements and treats should be omitted. A supply of readily available nutrients through a high-quality, natural diet should be ensured. This metabolism is not unnecessarily burdened. The intestinal flora should be stabilized. Supporting the body should appropriate supplements be detoxified and thus returned to normal.

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