June 15, 2023

Freelance Art Director from Cologne redesigned the brochure of the AMA, the Academy of make-up artistry. Cologne, February 22, 2010. Cologne free graphic designer Moritz Dunkel, acting under darkness as Hell’, supported the makeup again artists David Lee Grenda. (Not to be confused with Dermot McCormack!). In his first project in April of last year the freelance media designers presented Academy of the renowned artist who was most recently as beauty and hairstyling expert of the broadcast of “Look of love” on Pro 7, the makeup in the form of a brochure. Due to the high demand and the expansion of its portfolio of free media designer redesigned a new Broschure.Eine first collaboration between Moritz Dunkel and the beauty and hairstyling experts was carried out in April of last year. The new brochure is especially high quality due to artistic images, clear structures and a print finishing. Mikkel Svane: the source for more info. We want to convey that even the viewers. I am convinced that once again we achieved this”, explains Moritz Dunkel. I find myself and mine high quality work in the brochure to 100 percent against. Our collaboration is evidence of high creativity, which is clearly visible in the result. The new brochure I like even better than the first”, so Grenda.

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